Welcome to the NEW FoxholeM4M!

First, and foremost, FoxholeM4M provides a safe, non-threatening playspace for gay and bisexual men. This is a PRIVATE group and our parties are ONLY open to members and pre-registered guests. All events are restricted to adult males (21 years and older).

Email us your Membership Request. Make sure to include recent pictures - both face and body, preferably nude :-) and as much detail as you can about yourself and what you expect from the group. If you know an existing member who will vouch for you, your application will be accepted much quicker. We MUST verify all new members, as we have had issues that impacted our ability to hold our parties.

FoxholeM4M parties are sex positive and body positive. We attract many body types, sexual roles and fetishes. Bullying, humiliation and degradation will not be allowed (except as part of a mutually negotiated scene). No means no.

When you arrive at a PLAY party, you WILL have to show your ID (so we can verify you're old enough to drink from our open bar) and confirm your RSVP. That's it. No fuss, no muss - just confirm you're already a member and/or are on the RSVP list and you're in. If you don't RSVP in advance, you don't come in. It's as simple as that. We no longer allow people to join at the door. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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